Keynote talk 9:00 – 9:50

Susan Kemmerer – A Recipe for Success


Session 1 10:00-10:50

Steve Demme – Math You Understand 

Barb Beideman – Getting Started Homeschooling

Missy Eswein – Transcript, Essay, and GPA, Oh My! Preparing the Home School College Application 

Julie Boynton – Developing a culture of reading in the home

Jackie Masek – Discover Your Child’s Operating System: A Better Way to Homeschool A Child With ADHD 


Session 2 11:00-11:50

Susan Kemmerer – Preparing Your Outside-the-Box Kid for an Outside-the-Box Future

Steve Demme – The Family That Stays Together Stays Together 

Carol Robb – Including Christ in your homeschooling day 

Barb Beideman – Homeschooling a dyslexic child


Session 3 2:30-3:20

Susan Kemmerer – Confessions of a disorganized homeschool mom

Barb Beideman – Nuts and Bolts of Homeschooling High School

Kate Funk – The early years without tears

Brandi Mathers – Relaxed homeschooling


Session Descriptions


Susan Kemmerer – Keynote talk: A Recipe for Success     9:00
Okay, so, I’ve homeschooled for more than two decades (and have more than a decade to go). Surely I’ve learned some secret for successful homeschooling! Is there a formula that any mom can apply, or a recipe that will guarantee a successful homeschooling experience? Susan shares 3 ingredients vital to any truly thriving homeschool. A fun and lighthearted, yet hard-hitting workshop that will strengthen your homeschooling foundations and insure a successful endeavor.


Susan Kemmerer – Preparing Your Outside-the-Box Kid for an Outside-the-Box Future   11:00
Doesn’t it seem that there’s only one legitimate path to success nowadays? Graduate high school, then go to college and graduate with a degree you’ll most likely never use, and accumulate a mountain of debt in the process. But, Moms, you homeschool because you think outside the box! There are SO MANY options available to you! You’re already providing a unique education for your uniquely-crafted child. Don’t stop now! Your child can be wildly successful with or without college. Susan, whose six sons all followed non-traditional career paths and are wildly successful, will offer help, brainstorm ideas, and show you that homeschooling outside the box toward the future is an exciting endeavor! Courage!

Susan Kemmerer – Confessions of a disorganized homeschool mom     2:30
I always thought I was an organized person – until I had 9 kids and homeschooled. Now I am faced with the humiliating truth. I am a messy! However, I have learned a number of tricks to make homeschool run more smoothly. I’ll share with you my daily log ideas, my multilevel teaching ideas, and my daily “schedule.” I’ll also give you tips on what to do with all that homeschool clutter (books and projects) that accumulate. A fun workshop for the organizationally challenged.


Steve Demme – Math You Understand    10:00

Math is so much more than memorizing rules and facts. With a unique and humorous approach, Steve demonstrates how to use hands-on manipulatives to illustrate important math concepts such as place value, double digit multiplication, fractions, algebra, exponents, squares, square roots, and factoring trinomials.

Steve Demme – The Family That Stays Together Stays Together  11:00

God created marriage and the family. Before Abraham, Moses, or Israel, God instituted the sacred institution of the family. Healthy God honoring families are the foundation for our churches and our culture. Transformation of our institutions begins in the home where each individual is rooted, grounded, and connected to God through the good news of Jesus, who is the cornerstone of a family of faith.


Missy Eswein – Transcript, Essay, and GPA, Oh My! Preparing the Home School College Application   10:00 

You’ve spent years selecting curricula, co-ops, and textbooks—what’s next? Helping your homeschooled student choose a college. The college search can seem daunting, especially without the support of a high school guidance counselor, but you’re not alone! Grove City College Admissions Counselor Missy Eswein will share what colleges are really looking for in a homeschool application, as well as requirements versus recommendations, and how to format a high school transcript. She will also provide advice on how your student can use their application and admissions interview to reflect their God-given gifts and unique experiences as a homeschooler. Lastly, she will address key questions to ask during the college visit and what exactly makes a college “homeschool friendly.” Bring your No. 2 pencils and your questions!


Carol Robb – Including Christ in your homeschooling day   11:00

God doesn’t want us to segment our homeschooling day into academics versus the Bible.  He doesn’t want us to fit Him into our schedule but to plan our schedule around Him.  After all, everything that we are teaching our children–Science, History, Language Arts, Math, Reading—God is involved in it all.  Through a short dramatic skit and examples of how we can include God in every part of our day, I hope to encourage parents in their walk with the Lord so that they can teach their children in an authentic way about the Lord.

Brandi Mathers – Relaxed Homeschooling   2:30

Do you consider your homeschool relaxed? Or are you just curious what a more relaxed approach might look like? Either way, come connect with a former teacher who uses a relaxed approach with her children. This interactive session will examine the pros and cons of a relaxed approach and give participants the opportunity to consider what a relaxed approach might look like for their particular family.